NC Democrats celebrate health care law anniversary, Republicans wait for repeal

By Kendall Jones

Lawmakers are using the one-year anniversary of the health care law to support it or condemn it.

“Government run health insurance helped to save my son's life,” Felicia Willems said at a press conference with Democrats.

Willems' son was born with a non-cancerous tumor.

She said the new health care law — which allows children with pre-existing conditions to get health insurance — helped her son get the surgeries and recovery he needed.

“It brings peace of mind knowing that insurance companies can no longer discriminate against my son for the pre-existing conditions he was born with and fought so hard to over come,” Willems said.

More North Carolinians will start to see changes because of the law this year.

Chain restaurants now have to post their nutritional content — such as fat, protein, and carbohydrates — for standard menu items.

Conservative groups said despite some of the positive attributes, the law is unconstitutional.

“We're just waiting for it to go away,” John Locke Foundation Director of Health and Fiscal Policy Joseph Coletti said.

North Carolina Republicans passed a bill blocking the mandate earlier this year, but Governor Perdue vetoed it.

Coletti said every person the law helps means a cost increase for those who already have insurance.

“The reason you have to have higher premiums is to take into account that more people with pre-existing conditions are being covered, more people under the age of 26 are being covered under their parent's policies, and more people with all these different problems are being covered,” he said.

Click here to see what North Carolina is doing with the millions its received from the federal government for health programs.

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