Band Together concert raises $548,000 for Urban Ministries

Band Together concert raises $548,000 for Urban Ministries (Image 1)

By Annette Newell

Thousands of people got on their feet and danced with party band the B-52s in Cary at the Koka Booth Amphitheatre.

The event helped to raise $548,000 for the needy in our community. Band Together raised money for the Open Door Clinic of Urban Ministries of Wake County this year. Each year, Band Together picks a deserving charity and has a benefit concert.

This year's event, with the B-52s, was a big hit in the first year at Koka Booth.

Fan Cookie Bridges showed up early, wearing a big pink beehive wig. “It's about the B-52s!” exclaimed Bridges.

It's about the beehive, a tribute to the female singers in the group. And it's also about the music for fans like Bridges.

“Party down with 'Rock Lobster' and have a good old time,” said Bridges, referring to one of the band's biggest hit songs.

The good time, helped a good cause. Band Together's local volunteers raise money and awareness for charity in the Triangle area, using music and art.

Even performers like hula hoop dance teacher Caroleeena Mabry joined in the act.

“I really support band together everything that they raise money for is awesome I think we have got to take care of ourselves in this country,” said Mabry.

NBC-17 is a media partner for the event, and NBC-17 anchors Penn Holderness and Page Crawford took to the stage to speak to the crowd. Holderness even brought out a flute for a musical interlude.

All the evening's fun, added up to a big win. “$548,000 for Urban Ministries!” announced Matthew Strickland, the Executive Director for Band Together, from the stage to cheers from the crowd.

“We partner with a local nonprofit, this year it's urban ministries and we work with that on profit all year long and we raise funds and awareness,” explained Strickland. He said the money will pay for medical care for an estimated 400 people in Wake County who do not have health insurance.


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