Acting Wake Co. Superintendent meets students and the press

Acting Wake Co. Superintendent meets students and the press (Image 1)

By Jonathan Carlson

The Wake County School System has a new man in charge, at least on a temporary basis.

Dr. Stephen Gainey is the acting superintendent for the next 60 days. He could then be tapped as interim until a new superintendent is hired.

The school board has said they want someone permanently in place by next summer.

Thursday, Gainey toured an elementary school in the district and took questions from reporters about how he is going to work with a divided school board.

“You have to respect everybody's perspective, and that’s what were gonna do,” he said. He declined to talk about how his management style is different from the recently ousted Tony Tata.

But when asked how he planned to tackle the district's growing issues, from school assignment controversies to busing issues, he replied, “We are not going to dodge those issues.”

He continued, “We are working on transportation — I have been very involved in transportation the last few weeks. We are going to get as many drivers on the road as we can. That is the key to this issue.”

On school assignment, he said, “We know [it is] an issue out there, and [if the board has questions] we are going to get them answers.”

Gainey was most recently an assistant superintendent. When asked if he would apply for the job full time, he declined to say yes or no.


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