International Festival Spotlight: Polynesia

By Nbc17 Staff

NBC-17 is a co-sponsor of the 27th International Festival at the Raleigh Convention Center this weekend, and each day this week we are highlighting a different country that will be represented.

Polynesian dancing is a graceful form of the art. The dance of Polynesia can be found even in the United States. Hawai’i is home to this graceful style of dance.

Modern Hawaiian dance tells the story of sounds heard as you walk through the forest. Heavy percussion is used to portray this.

Bethanie Mickle studied Polynesian dancing in Hawai’i. Mickle said, “When people hear Hawaii they normally think of the Cook Islands and the Tahitian. That’s the fast hips and the big head dress with the bark skirt with tassels.”

Linda Bryan fell in love with this style of dance so she went to Hawai’i to learn the authentic way to dance. Bryan dances for deaf students as the hand movements help them feel and understand the music.


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