The Love Language’s McLamb offers update on 3rd LP

The Love Language's McLamb offers update on 3rd LP (Image 1)

In a letter to fans, friends and family, The Love Language frontman Stuart McLamb put his heart on a platter and promised that his long-awaited third album should arrive this spring.

“This has been a long time coming, and though it feels strange to put it all out here, I feel there is much explaining to do on my part as to what is going on with The Love Language,” McLamb wrote Tuesday.

McLamb explained that he set out to record the album in February at the band's rehearsal space in Raleigh. There, he tracked the bulk of the LP with BJ Burton before hitting the road again, including SXSW in Austin.

“It was one of the best — if not the best — times I've ever had creating music in my entire life,” McLamb recalled. “A full-throttle, ever-momentous race to our self-imposed finish line of March 1.”

It was after the album was recorded that McLamb said he ran into problems. “The remainder of the year has basically been spent trying to get the mix right. That's insane, I know; it's probably mostly my fault, honestly.”

“I truly am excited about this record, but I wasn't ready to put it out as it was,” he said.

McLamb said he hopes to have Burton, who recorded The Love Language's well-received Merge Records debut Libraries, come in this December to finish the album's mastering for a Spring 2013 release. “That's an estimate, not official,” he qualified.

More recently, Burton engineered and mixed Twin Cities trio Solid Gold's Eat Your Young, which was released Oct. 23.

Prior to the LP3's release, McLamb said he plans to perform a handful of shows in November to get “back out there regardless.”

“That's always been the central spirit to my music. Songs don't come natural, and I'm totally lost when it comes to recording and computers, but I've always tried to do it anyways,” McLamb said. “So for these upcoming shows, no there's no new album hash tags or publicity machine, but there is a band of old and new friends eager to play these songs for you again.”

Although he wasn't totally clear on the changes, McLamb hinted that there may be some new faces in The Love Language when the band hits the road; and some familiar ones may be missing. “The Love Language has always been my baby, and perhaps I have held it too close at times,” he admitted.

“Friends have come and gone, each gracing the songs and arrangements with their own unique personality and thus making them come alive,” McLamb explained. “You will most likely see changes in the lineup for the years to come, but I like to think of it as a good thing.

“Keeping the songs invigorated with new life and perspectives that I could never find on my own.”

The Love Language performs at Krankie's in Winston-Salem for Halloween Wednesday night. Next Friday, Nov. 9, the band will perform at Lincoln Theatre with Gross Ghost and The Toddlers. On Nov. 16, the band will perform at Soapbox in Wilmington, and the following night they are at Visalite Theatre in Charlotte.


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