Decoding your dog’s behavior

Decoding your dog’s behavior (Image 1)

Ever wonder if your dog is normal? You're not alone. Our first report on this topic, resonated with many of you.  Iggy Pup, Lola, and Otis keep their owners, Blake Burney and Rob Thompson busy and sometimes their behavior can turn from cute to frightening. Blake, also known in the triangle as DJ Triple B, is talking about his French Bulldog, Iggy Pup.  

“On several occasions he got so excited that he would sort of short circuit. He would freeze up. Roll over on his back, and scare us to death” said Blake. Iggy Pup's panting lasts for hours and Dr. Heather Moeser of Downtown Mobile said that's not normal. She explained it's normal for dogs to get hyper and excited when they see you. But it's not normal, for them to pass out. “Iggy is definitely abnormal, he is a complete spaz all the time. Lola is wonderful in that she's nice and docile, and moldable. She's happy just as long as you're paying attention to her” said Blake. However, Lola's got a whole different set of quirks. “Her obsession with overeating. She will hunt for food 80% of the time — to the point where her back legs were not working anymore” said Blake.

“Her normal receptors to tell you it's full you don't have to eat anymore, she enjoys eating so much and overrides that and continues to eat” said Dr. Moeser. She said overeating, is not normal. On the other side of Raleigh, Rob Thompson adopted Otis just a few months ago. “When we got him he had a whole host of health issues, I guess as a result of being a stray and a rescue dog” said Thompson. “He had stomach problems, a sinus infection, and an ear infection.”Dr. Moeser said those symptoms are also not normal.  “Incessant scratching is a sign of either a skin allergy or an infection, and needs to be treated immediately. When people get allergies we have a tendency to get congested, when dogs get allergies they get itchy and that's how they express it.”

If you want to know if your dog or cat is normal, email me at and we just might feature your pet next time!

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