White House outlines budget cuts impact on NC

Governor Pat McCrory is in Washington, along with other governors, meeting with President Barack Obama. The president is expected to discuss budget cuts with the governors Monday.

The president is expected to talk with governors about sequestration, which is basically a series of automatic budget cuts.

Unless congress acts by Friday, $85 billion in cuts are set to take effect from March to September.

The White House released a breakdown of how the cuts could impact North Carolina.

About $42 million would be cut from education, putting 550 teachers and aides at risk.

About 1,500 children would lose their Head Start and Early Head Start services

As for the military, about 22,000 civilian Department of Defense employees would be furloughed.

Army base operations in North Carolina would lose about $136 million. Another $5 million would be cut from Air Force operations in the state.

North Carolina would also face the loss of $2 million to help prevent and treat substance abuse, thousands in services for victims of domestic violence, a about $1.5 million that provide meals for seniors.

North Carolina could also lose about $3.6 million in environmental funding and $1.3 million in grants for fish and wildlife protection.

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