34 years later, Brenda Hogarth says Meals on Wheels is ‘part of my life’

In 1979, Brenda Hogarth heard Meals on Wheels was in need of
drivers. Thirty-three years later, she's still driving.

“It's part of my life. I can't imagine not doing
this,” Hogarth said,

Hogarth drives the Navy route, delivering lunch to southeast
Raleigh's needy and elderly. For some, it's the only hot meal they'll get that
day. For others, Hogarth is the only visitor they'll see that day.

“They are getting beef riblets, a bun, vinegar, milk
and an orange,” Hogarth said, looking into a cooler of food.

Some of the people have passed away and Meals on Wheels has
added other people.

But one thing remains the same: One meal — one year after
another — Hogarth is inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.

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