John Anthony’s real-world experiences help United Way in a big way

John Anthony has been volunteering with the United Way of the Triangle for 17 years, and he is able to use his expertise as a banker to help with the charity's finances, among other things.

“We do everything from analyze the needs in the community to assessing what the needs are, and strengths and weaknesses and making investments in the community with specific outcomes,” Anthony explained.

United Way could not pay someone to provide the kind of support and work that Anthony provides, and it's one of the hidden values of United Way.

Anthony says one of the most eye-opening experiences he's had was during the Executive Sleepover last year.

“We understood it was a one-night situation for us and we are very fortunate,” Anthony said. “It was a great learning experience — we got a lot of statistics. We got a lot that day and you understand what it's like to sleep outside a railroad track and deal with those types of things; so it was a great learning experience.”

Anthony says he volunteers because he wants to be part of creating a better community.

“It's all about the hierarchy of needs health, education and financial stability, which are the United Way's priorities,” Anthony said.

“To me they're my priorities.”

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