40,000 apply for ‘Best Job Ever’

Australian tourism officials say their latest campaign is a big success.

More than 40,000 people from 200 different countries have applied for six “best jobs in the world.”

People submitted elaborate 30-second video applications to be an “Outback Adventurer” or “Chief Funster.”

“We have, i think, a pretty even spread amongst the six jobs and people have gone to the most enormous amount of effort,” said Karen Halbert of Tourism Australia. “They've created specific footage. “Some of them have pulled together all sorts of examples of things they've done in their pasts, particularly around travel or food experiences or experiences with wildlife.”

Halbert said the applicants “are all mad.”

“We're really excited – it's going to be a really tight contest but an amazing outcome when we pick the final six,” she said.

The six winners will have a fun job for six months and be paid $105,000.

Eighteen finalists, three for each job, will be flown to Australia for interviews and the final selection.

Americans topped the list of applicants, by the way, followed by Britons, Italians and French.

The six winners will be announced in June.

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