Lawn mower accident costs Fla. child both feet

Lawn mower accident costs Fla. child both feet (Image 1)

A family in Palm Harbor, Fla., is dealing with a horrific accident.

A little girl named Ireland Nugent ran to her dad while he was on a riding lawn mower – and he accidentally ran her over her – cutting off both feet.

“I am questioning why that wasn't me, why it had to be her,” said the mother, Nicole Nugent.

The mother was outside their home when it happened just before sundown.

“He couldn't hear her because the lawnmower was going,” the mother said.

She waved to her husband, Jerry, on the riding lawnmower, warning him their 2-year-old Ireland was behind him.

“She wanted her daddy,” she said.

Investigators say he misunderstood and thought something was in front of him – so he put the mower in reverse.

Ireland was stuck beneath it and dragged.

“Once I saw her – and saw she had color – saw that she was still my daughter, it absolutely gave me a sense of relief,” Nicole Nugent said.

“She's 2, so it's still kind of hard to even grasp what's happening to her,” Nicole Nugent said. “I think even when she wakes up – she's not going to realize.”

Doctors are now keeping her sedated.

“They pretty much have told me I will be shocked at how quickly she's back up and on her feet again,” the mother said.

A non-profit promises she will one day. Pastor Dennis Reid of Trinity Presbyterian Church said “they are committed to providing Ireland with the best available prosthetics for the rest of her life.”

Her parents believe the spunky 2-year-old will bounce back.

“This is not going to stop Ireland,” Nicole Nugent said. “Of all the children in the world, it will not stop my daughter.”

A nurse lives right next door to that family and immediately applied pressure to Ireland's wounds.

Nicole believes that likely saved her daughter's life.

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