Wake Forest homes get clean water supply

Last September, more than a dozen of homes in Wake Forest found traces of TCE in their wells. Some of those homes were hooked up to a clean public supply of water Wednesday.

The Hamiltons are just one of 16 families in the neighborhood whose children were exposed to the cancer-causing chemical. And now, they can use their water for cooking, showering and drinking without fear.

“Feels good. Feels weird,” Michelle Hamilton said after nearly a year without clean water.

The Environmental Protection Agency's contractor, Enviromental Restoration, began running services lines Wednesday, delivering clean water to three of the 16 homes.

“It's a sigh of relief that we can drink out of it, definitely,” Michelle Hamilton said. “I always just assumed it was safe. So now I feel like we have this water and we're told its safe and I'm sure it is safe. But you just never really totally trust that anymore.”

By the end of the day next Monday, Environmental Restoration will have all 16 homes connected to clean, safe water.

 “I think I'll always think about it. Every time I turn on the tap now,” Michelle Hamilton said.

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