Family of injured Enloe High School sophomore wants answers

A mother is crying foul play tonight against a Raleigh police officer she says used unnecessary force against her child. That student is a sophomore at Enloe High School and was caught in the middle of a big water balloon prank Thursday that got seven students arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Although he wasn't one of them, he was pinned down and handcuffed.

We showed Enloe High School student Jahbriel Morris video a witness took while he was being pinned down, by a Raleigh Police Officer. Morris said, “I'm not going to try and fight a grown man! I'm a 15 year old teenager that was just trying to get away from a water balloon.”

He says around 2:30 Thursday in the afternoon, a water balloon was thrown out of nowhere and tried to get away from it.

“When I ran from the balloon an officer grabbed me and I pulled away from him and that's when he put his hands around my neck and put me onto the ground” said Morris.

He said there were more than thirty people who witnessed the scene.

He put his hands on my back and pressed down, and I felt my head just bounce off the ground” said Morris.

Lena Morris is Jahbriel's mother and said after she saw her son's cuts and bruises she got upset with the police officer in question. I don't want him to lose his job but I want him to know, he has to use better judgment when he's trying to figure out what's going on.”

Jahbriel Morris said he did use profanity during the exchange, which he believes may have triggered the aggression. But currently, until Raleigh Police releases their case report, it is unclear what really happened between the two.

The family says they want an apology and plan on hiring a lawyer, to take the police officer to court. Raleigh Police says they will release a statement to show their side of the story, once their case report is finished.

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