22 Wake Forest families now connected to clean water, EPA says

Wake Forest residents concerned about clean water
WAKE FOREST, N.C. – The Environmental Protection Agency returned to Wake Forest Tuesday evening to answer questions from residents whose lives were affected by water contaminated with a cancer-causing chemical called TCE. Last year, the wells of nearly two dozen families living near Stony Hill Road tested positive for dangerous levels of trichloroethylene.
A WNCN investigation revealed the state knew about the contamination, but failed to warn homeowners saying it didn’t have the resources to do so.Tuesday during a public meeting, EPA officials said the agency had completed water service lines and 22 families are now connected to clean water from Aqua’s nearby community well.

One May 15, EPA contractor Environmental Restoration began running services lines, delivering clean water to three of the homes. The work was completed Monday.

Still, in the 10 years that the toxic chemical spread underground across 500 acres, families say irreversible damage has been done.

“Although we do have clean water now compared to what we had … I do have concerns about the health in our family,” resident Frank Cuda said.

Cuda explained that his mother recently learned she has Parkinson’s disease after seeing a neurologist, and he’s afraid the chemical’s toxicity could affect future generations.

“My daughter-in-law — she just had a baby girl and she was pregnant when she was at our house during the time when all of this stuff was going on,” Cuda said.

Recent well tests showed no new contaminated wells and the wells that had contamination no longer tested for dangerous levels of TCE. As a result, the EPA says it has no plans for future water line extensions in the area.

The North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources and Wake County will now oversee the future investigation of the contamination site.

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