This Kid Rocks: Arjun Raghavan, Chapel Hill High School

This Kid Rocks: Arjun Raghavan, Chapel Hill High School (Image 1)

As part of WNCN Today's newest segment, This Kid Rocks, Phil Sanchez visited Chapel Hill High School where he met a teenager who's making national headlines.

His name is Arjun Raghavan and he moved to North Carolina from New Jersey in 2007.

Now in his senior year at Chapel Hill High, he's a member of the honors society and a physics champ who, for the second year in a row, represented North Carolina in an international science competition.

“They'll have kids from about 90 or a hundred countries at this competition,” Raghavan said. “And basically, I'll be presenting my project in front of an international panel of judges.”

The project Raghavan is involved in is a study of the inside of stars.

“I found that in more than 75 percent of the stars that I studied, we could see significant changes in the pulsations, which means although external light that we see is the same, there are some internal structural changes that are going on,” he said.

“He received a wonderful scholarship, he's a Robertson Scholar, so he'll be splitting his time between UNC and Duke, and he's already spent some time UNC's physics department so he'll continue to grow with the program,” said Chapel Hill High guidance counselor Frances Williams.

But Raghavan's talent in the classroom isn't the only reason, we chose him for our “This Kid Rocks” segment.

The other? He really does rock. He plays the drums in an Indian music band.

If you would like to nominate a kid for “This Kid Rocks,” email us at

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