The side effects of health care reform

The Affordable Care Act is now more than three years old, but one the most controversial aspects of the bill will take effect next year, and that's already leaving large businesses to reorganize their companies.  

Carlie C's has been a grocery store in North Carolina for decades. With 16 stores in 5 counties, and more than 1100 employees it's considered by the government, a large business.

Mack McLamb is the President of Carlie C's and said in preparation of the new requirement to provide health insurance for all full time employees next year, “We probably will end up hiring more people, who work less hours. There's some anxious moments amongst us and our staff and people that are really nervous because everybody hates change.”

He explained, “For us the issue is the people that we have between the 30 to 37 hour range. We either need to take those people up to a 40 hour range full-time status, or we need to bring them back to the 28 hour part-time status.”

Currently, McLamb says working  30  to 37 hours is considered part-time. But come next year, that's going to change. He says 30 hours and up, will be considered full-time. He said if he provided health care to all the Carlie C employees working 30 hours and up, it would wipe out all of his profits.

If businesses like the local grocery store decide not to provide health care the penalty is $2,000. The law mandates the penalty for each full time worker, beyond the first 30 employees.

But McLamb says he's confident he'll find a way to offset costs by hiring more part-time employees and reducing hours for some of his staff.

To learn more about the Affordable Care Act, go to:

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