Big tourist weekend for Chapel Hill

File photo

A big tourist weekend in Chapel Hill wrapped up as NCAA baseball games, weddings and graduations brought in tens of thousands of tourists from in and out of state.

All these events generated about $1 million in revenue for the town. At Boshamer Stadium, there wasn't an empty seat in sight.

More than 4,000 fans cheered on Carolina and there were even some rooting for Florida Atlantic University. Lori Sanger and her friend Clare Morales drove more than 11 hours to see their team play. “We're staying until we have to go home so if (FAU) don't make it through, it will be tonight. If we go on tomorrow, it'll be after tomorrow's game,” Sanger said.

Grace Glenbocki works at UNC sports apparel store Carolina Pride and said on a normal weekend it's pretty slow. But with all the tourists, business has picked up.

Chapel hill officials say after big sports tournaments weddings are the next big economic boost as more people are choosing the town for their “I do's”.

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