Tropical Storm Andrea cleanup efforts begin

The storm might have passed, but now the cleanup efforts begin. Tow trucks and emergency crews were out in full force tonight.

Tom Ayers lives in Brier Creek and said his wife was traumatized after her car got stranded in the middle of a flash flood. He said, “As she started towards brier creek, she noticed that the water was getting deep but before she could actually start doing anything, the water was actually up underneath the car, lifted the car up. The engine soon shut down.”

All over Raleigh, tow trucks, the Police, EMS, and other emergency crews were busy keeping an eye on the roads, and getting cars and trucks off the streets.

Over on Lumley Road and Brier Creek Parkway, a draining system underneath this current, was rapidly getting the water off the streets. In a few hours, it was gone.

As for Ayers and his wife? They're talking with their insurance company to see what they can do with their car. 

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