Raleigh man’s birthday wish: cash for wounded warriors

On Saturday, the guy friends call “Pomp” – Anthony Pompliano – turns 25.

To celebrate, there will be no pomp and no circumstance. He just wants money.

 “My wish for my birthday is to raise $2,500 – 100 donations of 25 bucks apiece,” he said.

It's not for him, but for the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that provides programs and resources for troops and their families.

This will be his first birthday home in seven years.

Most people who are 25 years old, who've not celebrated with family or friends for seven years, would typically be like, “Bring on the party! Bring on the gifts!”

Pompliano has a different point of view.

 “Whatever gifts I was going to get would move the needle forward in my life an incremental amount compared with what a couple hundred dollars does for some of these guys,” he said.

Pompliano hasn't been home in seven years because he was serving in the Army.

 “Luckily, I came home healthy, alive,” he said. “Some of my friends weren't as lucky. There are people that are constantly still over there.  So, this was my way to try to remind people that there are still people fighting every day.”

These days, Pompliano runs a Raleigh social intelligence company, DigaForce in Raleigh, and is using his expertise in his effort to help the Wounded Warrior Project by tapping into the tech community to raise money.

Pompliano set up a page with a video and explanation of his goal and sends it through social media to reach people who can help.

 “The beauty of it, I think, is in the dense community that we've built, is on leveraging the technology is very simple for us,” he said. “Inherently, entrepreneurs and people who work in the tech community are very passionate. They're just passionate people. So, when they find a cause that they care about, they latch onto it and they don't stop until they accomplish their mission.”

To learn how to donate, click here.

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