Triangle community rallies together for Caelon Arthur

The Arthur family is just weeks away from
finding out if there's a cure for Caelon. Their 5 year old boy has a rare
disorder that gives him recurring strokes. It's a story we've been following
the last few months.

The FDA recently approved a plasma therapy that
could be the answer to the family's prayers. Jennifer Arthur and Caelon will be
traveling to Bethesda, Maryland July 14th for the transfusion at the
National Institutes of Health.

In the meantime, the Triangle community has
rallied together to help this special, little boy. Two fundraisers were held
today, hoping to raise a lot of money to help the family with their growing
medical expenses. The first was at Colby's Ride and the second at Buffalo
Brother's in Wake Forest.

“The money will go towards
all the co-pays on his hospital bills, adaptive strollers, and braces that we
have to get done every six months” said Tony Arthur.

Jamie Coats is a
waitress at Buffalo Brother's and says Caelon's story has resonated with her
because she has three children. “We are all eager and happy to do this, and we
are excited.”

At all three Buffalo Brothers locations, the
entire wait-staff will be donating half their tips for Caelon. The owner says
he will match the total sum, dollar for dollar. “I thought it was a way to give back to a local family
being that we're a local restaurant” said Matthew Boyd.

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