Odorless, waterless toilet becoming a reality

An odorless, waterless toilet is now one step closer to potentially saving lives across the world.

The Dungaroo, a mechanical and waterless commode, has moved beyond the model stage and is now able to be used.

Its creator, Liz Morris, a University of North Carolina graduate, said, “We can do porta potties, we can do RV’s, boats.” Morris added that her company, Sanitation Creations, is getting calls from people who don’t have piped water to their house.

The Dungaroo uses bags lined with an anti-microbial agent so they can be safely burned for methane. And what’s left could be used for fertilizer.

The user can dispose of the bag using a foot pedal or a hand lever. The Dungaroo seals the used bag up like a Ziploc. 

Sanitation Creations has its first customer, an order to outfit 300 porta potties on the Outbanks with Dungaroos.

But Morris knows this is just a starting point. She wants to put her creation in the poorest villages in the world.

“There’s 2.6 billion people who don’t have access to water and they are getting sick because of that,” Morris said.

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