Boys see smoke, neighbor rushes as house catches fire in Holly Springs

Witnesses say it all started with a little bit of smoke.

Neighborhood boy Joshua Heiser was one of the first to see the fire.

“It didn't look like much,”  he said. “We weren't even sure what it was.”

Joshua, the son of WNCN video editor Dave Heiser, said he was playing with his little brother and friends outside when he saw the smoke and ran back home. Ethan Heiser said he knew he needed to tell his mother when he saw the fire.

The mother, Nicole, called 911, but the fire kept growing at a rapid pace

“It was billowing black and white, then we started to see flames shooting up from the garage and it went really fast,” she said.

A neighbor across the street helped get the family in the house on fire to safety.

“The family was in the backyard, and the gate was locked, and she didn't know how to unlock it, and they were pretty upset and panicking,” said Theresa Steigerwald, who lives close to the house that caught fire.

“And my husband kicked in the gate so they could get out but it took them a while to convince the family to come out.”


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