Reaction to NC Senate vote on abortion bill

U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan

“The leadership in the North Carolina General Assembly chose to force this sweeping anti-women's health bill through with no public notice or transparency because they knew it wouldn't stand up to public scrutiny. Even Gov. McCrory opposes this legislative sneak-attack.

“To me, these are not the values we hold in North Carolina. Instead of attacking women's health care, the General Assembly needs to turn their focus to the number one concern of North Carolinians – jobs and the economy.”

Suzanne Buckley, executive director, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina

“I think the timing is very indicative of the Senate understanding that this isn't a bill that the majority of people in North Carolina agree with. They're trying to shove it through in the last minute but we're here and we're watching.

“They need to hear from us and understand even though they've passed this bill under the cover of darkness we're not going to let that happen”

Tami Fitzgerald,
Executive Director of the NC Values Coalition

“Today's passage of HB 695 in the Senate is a great
victory for the unborn and for women's health in North Carolina. 

“HB 695 protects fundamental Constitutional rights
by prohibiting foreign law from being applied to US citizens. It also expands
conscience rights to refuse to participate in an abortion to pharmacists, nurse
assistants, healthcare facilities and hospitals. It limits taxpayer funding of
abortion, which the majority of Americans oppose, and it prohibits
sex-selective abortions, which 76% of North Carolinians oppose.

“The bill modernizes
practice by requiring the doctor to be present for the entire abortion
procedure to provide adequate care for the woman and make sure her medical
needs are met. Finally, it modernizes abortion clinic rules by requiring them
to have similar rules to ambulatory surgical centers.”

Sean Haugh, Durham resident and protester

“If you're going to change public policy it needs to be debated, you need to listen to everybody from all sides and just not try to jam 1 religious view down everyone else's throats.”

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