Texas rules Playboy bunny sign must come down

It's been a few weeks since a controversial Playboy logo
made an appearance in Marfa, Texas, and the has caused quite a stir in the

Now, a state agency says the sign is illegal, and it must come down.

Playboy Enterprises put up its logo in an attempt to revamp their image
through art and culture, but not everyone agreed.

A Marfa resident familiar with advertising laws filed a
complaint after noticing the bunny didn't have a permit number anywhere around

The Texas Department of Transportation looked into the complaint and sure enough, they agreed the sign is

In a statement the agency says it's because the landowner doesn't have a Texas
license for outdoor advertising and a specific permit application for the sign
was not submitted.

The agency also says the location where the sign has been placed does not
qualify for a permit. So now the bunny has to come down.

For some, it's good news. Some Marfa residents said they were “shocked” to see the sign.

Lineaus Lorette said, “Several neighbors came and they were really offended by the sign and
asked me to do something and they don't think it's a positive image of Marfa.”

The Texas Department of Transportation says the landowner has 45 days to remove the sign.

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