House Committee listens to Abortion Bill concerns

The chorus of voices
against the latest actions by the Republican controlled Legislature is growing louder.
Today, house lawmakers heard impassioned testimonies about the bill, those for
and against it.

HB 695, otherwise known as the abortion bill, calls for
stricter health standards in abortion clinics. A UNC doctor against it said, “Abortion
is held to a lesser standard than that applied to all other interventions. Abortion
can cause bleeding, infection, and death. Advocates, in their zeal to support
abortion, have advanced their cause by creating an image of abortion, that
shields the public from the reality of abortion, including its short and long
term risks.”

Holding this hearing was an unusual and last minute move by
house leaders. Normally when it gets voted in the Senate, the bill goes
directly to the house floor. But lawmakers say they wanted to hear from the people
on both sides of the issue.

Suzanne Buckley spoke during the public hearing and said, “This
bill has nothing to do with women's health and safety. When legislation like
this has been enacted in other states, this forced clinics to close their doors
in every single state.”

Something the sponsors of the bill believe will not be the

Next, lawmakers will be talking with the Department of
Health and Human Services about what needs to be amended in House Bill 695. They
couldn't give us a timeline about when the bill is expected in the house for a

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