Phil answers calls at Durham’s complaint center

Phil answers calls at Durham's complaint center (Image 1)

People in Durham who have an issue they want to address with the City can call and speak with someone at its complaint center.

It's called Durham One Call. And for this week's installment of Phil Fills In, Phil Sanchez found out what it's like fielding those phone calls.

“Our folks are well seasoned and familiar with the city and what the city has to offer,” said Durham One Call Manager Marcelle Brawner. 

Phil joined Brawner and eight other workers, including veteran Jackie Liggins, who help show Phil how it all works. 

“Sometimes we have a huge volume of calls and we really hate for people to have to wait,” Liggins said. 

The center sometimes receives between 900 and 1,500 calls a day, and some of which are not very pleasant.

“We have a lot of customers that get really upset regarding missed trash or disconnected water, ” said Liggins. “You just have to have patience and just be calm with them. If they're upset you don't get upset.” Liggins added.

With that advice, it was finally Phil's turn to fill in. His first phone call was about trash. The caller, Karen, was nice over the phone and just wanted her trash to be picked up.

After the first call, the phone quickly rang again and kept ringing. 

If you live in Durham and have a complaint, you can call Durham One Call at 919-560-1200. The people will answer your call and hopefully help you and your community out the best they can.

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