2 men from Carolinas attack girlfriends with pizza, authorities say

2 men from Carolinas attack girlfriends with pizza, authorities say (Image 1)

Two men from the Carolinas attacked their girlfriends with pizza in
two separate domestic violence incidents in the last week, authorities

The first incident happened Wednesday in Fort Mill, S.C., where a man was charged with domestic violence after deputies
say he assaulted his girlfriend with a pizza and hit her, the Smoking
Gun website reported.

Deputies said that Jimmy Ray Poage threw a pizza at his 40-year-old
girlfriend and also grabbed her neck and slammed her into a kitchen
counter, according to the website.

The woman had pizza sauce splattered all over her while Poage, 47, did not have any food on him, York deputies said in a report the
Smoking Gun obtained.

On Sunday, police in Wilkesboro, N.C., arrested Cody Sebastian Parsons,
25, after responding to a call at a home he shares with his
19-year-old girlfriend.

The incident began just after midnight when Parsons slipped on a wet
floor and became upset with the teen, Wilkesboro Police said in a report
from the crime news website.

While he was cursing at his teen girlfriend, Parsons hit her with pizza that he threw at her, police said.

At first, Parsons told police he didn't hit his girlfriend with the
pizza. But, later he changed his story when police found “pizza sauce on
the back of [the girlfriend's] right rib cage,” according to the
Smoking Gun.

Police said “there were pieces of pizza all over the
living room floor as well as on the wall behind the front entrance door
to the apartment.”

Parsons was charged with misdemeanor assault on a female.

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