Phil cleans puppy tubs at the SPCA of Wake County


For this installment of “Phil Fills In,” Phil Sanchez heads to the SPCA of Wake County to help clean puppy tubs.

The SPCA considers puppy tub cleaning as part of grooming.

“We're actually going to clean up the puppy tub area, it can be a little bit messy first thing in the morning so this is the best time of day to have you here,” Animal Care Technician Kristen Macon said.

First thing Phil has to do is remove all of the puppies from the dirty tubs and place them into a separate room. After that, all of the dirty newspapers have to be thrown away and the dirty toys are placed in the laundry bin to be cleaned.

The next stage is to mop the floor of the tubs with a Clorox solution. After mopping, Phil gets down to scrub the remaining stuck-on puppy poop on the floor and sides.

After everything is clean, fresh newspaper is laid down on the floor and clean toys are placed in the tubs along with food and water.

If you would like to volunteer with the SPCA of Wake County, click here. They are always looking for volunteers.


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