Apex boy’s elephant project growing one ‘like’ at a time

Apex boy's elephant project growing one 'like' at a time (Image 1)

About a month ago we introduced you to a 7-year-old boy from Apex with a big dream to help save elephants.

Ethan Paxton has used his love of elephants, and bracelet-making skills, to raise money to help rescued elephants. It all started on Facebook with a few likes, but now his project has grown and the page has helped raise hundreds of dollars for the animals he loves.

“I didn't think it would go super far, but it did,” said Ethan.

Ethan's mother, Katie, said the whole process has been amazing.

“It's been really kind of overwhelming and I think it's still sinking in. We just didn't expect the kind of response we've gotten, so it's been pretty incredible,” said Katie.

Ethan's Facebook page had a little more than 100 “Likes.” Now it has 556. People all over the country and even across the globe in Australia, have sent a Facebook message to Ethan's mom, asking how they can donate to the Elephant Sanctuary.

“The response has been nothing but positive and everyone's been super encouraging,” said Katie.

The Paxton family never dreamed there would be so many orders for bracelets, and it's been tough keeping up with the demand.

“Last Friday we had 23 bracelets available, we posted them and they were sold out within two hours,” said Katie.

With the money they raise from the bracelets, Ethan and his family were able to buy elephants at the sanctuary four cases of sugar-free jellybean treats and medicine. As a thank you, the Elephant Sanctuary sent Ethan a gift of his own, an elephant magazine.

But Ethan's work is far from over. He is still trying to find ways to help the rescued elephants one step at a time. So far Ethan has sold nearly 100 bracelets, but they are looking at possibly selling T-shirts too.

“Very proud, very proud of Ethan; like I said, everyone's been really touching,” said Katie.

You can learn more about Ethan's Elephant Project by going to his Facebook Page.

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