Apex company provides safety, security for world travelers

There’s no doubt that traveling abroad can be dangerous.Just this year, the U.S. Department of State has issued 36 travel warnings –the latest being Turkey, Lebanon and Pakistan.

But Apex-based TigerSwan is helping business travelers,students and even the government makes the journey more safely.

From what it calls “Central Command,” TigerSwan monitorsturmoil all over the world. The mission, TigerSwan CEO James Reese explained,is to provide peace of mind safety for clients internationally.

“We’re really an international 911 call center,” Reese said.”If you have an employee that something happens to — is kidnapped, is robbed– it affects your reputation. It affects how your employees feel about goingto these different places.”

The company provides security options for overseas businesstravelers, vacationers or parents who just want to keep track of their kidstraveling abroad. The most popular option is a GPS cellular tracking device witha panic button.

“Within three feet, we can see that beacon where ever it isaround the world,” Reese said. If the client pushes the panic button, a horn istriggered at TigerSwan and allows the device to pick up sounds around it.

“If you are incapacitated, we can still see you, watch you andfind you,” Reese said. “We start notifying our people who we have in thosecountries to react if need-be.”

TigerSwan also has clients in some of the most violentplaces in the world, which then requires more than the tracking device.

“TigerSwan provides a secure transport for you in thatcountry, so it’s a vehicle and a driver to get you where you need to go,” Reesesaid.

Among the clients TigerSwan has monitored are those workingnear the deadly unrest in Cairo and others in Mexico, which had the company closelymonitoring reports of gang warfare. And in the Middle East, the company has a CommandCenter in Baghdad.

“We’ve had incidents in Brazil, where we had our client at astop light, and people have come out and tried to rob them at gun point,” Reesesaid. “Our driver was able to get them off the exit. Get them to a safe place.”

TigerSwan also worked closely with other tech companies inRTP in gathering information following the Boston Marathon bombing.

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