3 NYC men pretended to be cops to cut line, buy “Grand Theft Auto”

Three men pretended to be police officers, including flashing badges and driving a car with lights and a siren, to cut a line at the Staten Island Mall to buy the latest version of “Grand Theft Auto,” police said.

Officers were patrolling the mall overnight Monday into Tuesday as a large crowd had gathered, awaiting the release of “Grand Theft Auto V.”

Police saw three men pull up and get out of a car, approach security and get into the mall — which was still closed — while about 500 people waited outside. 

Authorities say the men, two 19-year-olds and a 20-year-old, flashed fake police badges and told mall security they were with the NYPD. They were then able to buy the video game early.

Police said the men then sped away, running several traffic lights. After officers pulled them over, they found the car had working police lights and sirens.

One of the men, who works as an auxiliary police officer, had handcuffs on him. Officials said Wednesday he has been suspended.

The men were arrested and charged with criminal impersonation.

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