Fun candy alternatives for trick-or-treaters

Candy is a staple on Halloween night. But for some of those
looking to pass out alternatives to candy, including healthier snacks, here's a
list of some ideas.

Pre-packaged snacks:
Replace chocolate bars with granola bars and fruit chews with dried fruit
packs. Also consider adding single serving bagged pretzels, juice boxes and
cheese sticks to your treat bowl, but keep them low-calorie, low-fat versions.

Stickers &
Halloween themed supplies:
Halloween-themed pencils, stickers, coloring
books and crayons or markers are often front and center in discount store
displays, right along with the costumes and decorations.

Temporary Tattoos:
Kids of all ages can have fun with temporary tattoos and you can find
age-appropriate styles at many party supply stores — everything from
Halloween-themed to butterflies, princesses, pirates and dragons. For added
glamour grab glitter or glow in the dark types.

Toys: Visit a
local dollar store or bulk grocery outlet and pick up a supply of Play-doh,
small containers of bubbles, plastic jewelry, glow-sticks, even vampire teeth –
anything small, inexpensive and fun for kids. If it glows in the dark, even
better for Halloween. Make sure to choose a variety of toys to cover the all
ages of kids

Yogurt Covered
Buy yogurt-covered raisins with the fewest ingredients, ideally
only four or five. The more ingredients, the more processed the food usually

Organic Candies: There is a variety of organic candy that
you can pass out. Click here for some

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