Halloween costume trends for 2013

Halloween is about a month away, but don't worry, there's still plenty of time to plan your party, buy a boatload of candy and maybe most importantly, pick out a costume.

Sometimes the costume is the hardest part, but it doesn't have to be. Every year there are different costume trends, mostly based on pop culture trends at the time. With kids, there are a few timeless standbys – Disney characters and princesses, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Toy Story characters and so on.

For teens and adults, just look at what's most popular on TV and in theaters. Chances are those are going to be some of the most popular costumes you'll see trick or treating or at a party.

Get ready to see a lot of long, fake beards this Halloween as people dress up like the characters from the TV show “Duck Dynasty.”

Other costumes from television that will likely be popular this year are the characters and “walkers” (zombies) from the hit show “The Walking Dead,” Walter White from “Breaking Bad,” members of the Bluth family from the recently-revived show “Arrested Development” and 1920s flappers and “Great Gatsby” characters.

Also, be prepared for a lot of Miley Cyrus costumes based on her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

And as always, political costumes will more than likely be popular as well.


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