Phil enforces parking rules in downtown Raleigh

For this installment of “Phil Fills In,” Phil heads to downtown Raleigh to help the city's parking enforcement team.

To help get Phil started is Jaimie Sharp, who's worked with Raleigh Parking Enforcement for eight years.

After putting on the proper attire, and learning how to use the electronic ticket processor, it's time to hit Fayetteville Street. But before getting started, Sharp provides Phil with a little advice.

“Just remain professional and go out and have integrity and just do it,” said Sharp.

As part of their daily routines, parking enforcers check out the meters to see which ones have expired. After finding one that's been expired for several hours, it's time to issue a parking ticket.

As part of the process, Phil takes photos of the vehicle and inputs the vehicle's information into the electronic ticket processor.

When all of the information is into the system, and photos are taken, it's time to print out the ticket and stick it on the windshield.

One ticket down and it's back to checking the meters to see if any other spaces have expired.


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