Phil ‘Fills In’ as a donut maker and biscuit baker at Rise

Phil 'Fills In' as a donut maker and biscuit baker at Rise (Image 1)

We here at WNCN like to support our local businesses and we also like breakfast food. In our latest “Phil Fills In” segment, Phil took a trip to “Rise” in Durham.

Rise, located in shopping center behind The Streets at Southpoint mall, has been around for about a year and they are well-known across the Triangle for their made-from-scratch donuts and biscuits. 

Manager Brian Wiles put Phil to work right away.

“We're gonna have you do a little bit of everything. Ben's getting ready to loaf out the donuts and we'll have you make some biscuits,” he said. 

Phil's first job? Roll out some dough for donuts. Once rolled into a perfect ball, the dough has to sit for a little while. 

While letting the dough sit, Phil moved on to another section of the kitchen where it was time to start working on some apple fritters. After frying the fritters in oil, it was time to head back to the dough balls to start working on donuts. 

Phil also helped with making biscuits and even got to use a blow torch to put the finishing touch on some of the donuts. 

Rise attributes their success to a huge social media push. They are active on Facebook and Twitter and their website is updated every day with that day's selection of fresh made biscuits and donuts.

Check out their website here.

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