Smarter Living: Cool school lunches

Smarter Living: Cool school lunches (Image 1)

With school now in full swing, parents who pack their child's lunch knows there's a good chance their kids are getting tired of the same old sandwich day after day. In this week's “Smarter Living,” Sharon Tazewell looks at creative, quick and healthy lunches.

Michelle Strom, executive chef and owner of Mrs. Gourmet Chef, says some of the most important factors when it comes to children and food are color, taste and variety.

“Kids really eat with their eyes,” she says.

Strom suggests ditching the sandwich and trying something like her whole wheat tortilla wrap.

“It has a really nice cream cheese, brown sugar and honey spread on it.  We roll [a] banana up and cut it.”

She says the wrap can really be dressed up and it's a good opportunity for parent's to use alternatives to peanut butter.

“Another thing you can do with this is add some honey or some nutella. You can really build on this,” Strom says.

There are also ways to make to organize your child's lunch box in a useful way — use a silicone cupcake liner to make more compartments and fill the liners with items such as cherry tomatoes or trail mix.

“It's the perfect size and then when the kids get it it's not the same old same old,” she says.

Chef Michelle says to be creative and use lots of colorful foods or to even let your kids make their own lunch because many children enjoy eating what they made.

Tune in to WNCN Today this morning or check out the video after the show for more tips and ideas from Michelle Strom.

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