MetLife hiring local workers for its new Cary campus

Insurance giant MetLife said many of the 1,000 jobs its bringing to Cary will be given to local workers.

Executive Vice President Marty Lippert said the 500,000 square foot campus in Cary should be finished by the spring of 2015. MetLife has hired 150 people in Raleigh and are hiring about 25 workers a week on average, Lippert said.

Many, not but all, of the new workers will come from the Triangle area.

“We're recruiting a significant number of those (local workers). In excess of probably 1,000 of those, will come from the region,” Lippert said.

MetLife said in March it was moving 2,600 jobs from offices in four Northeast states and California to lower-cost locations in two North Carolina cities, while also getting tax breaks and other incentives that could reach $100 million.

MetLife announced the salaries for the jobs coming to Cary will be “competitive,” many in the six-figure range.

MetLife employs about 23,000 U.S. administrative staffers in about 30 locations, mostly in the Northeast.

Those interested in employment can visit MetLife on the web.


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