Plumlee sister a star on the volleyball court

The Plumlee name has been firmly established in the basketball community. But one member of the Plumlee family is bucking the basketball trend and making a name for herself on the volleyball court.

Maddie Plumlee said she never took a liking to basketball, even leaving her first practice in tears.

“I attended one basketball practice and left crying And just asked my dad, 'Please don't make me do this,'' she said.

Even the coercion from three older brothers at Duke couldn't get her to follow in their basketball footsteps.

“For some reason Madeline was drawn to volleyball and it's worked out for her,” said brother and Duke sophomore Marhshall Plumlee.

She has become one of the top 250 volleyball players in the nation while winning Player of the Year honors in her conference.

Jim Freeman, St. Mary's volleyball coach, said its her play on the court, not her name that gets her attention.

“Everybody knows she's very good. I think that gets their attention more than her last name,” Freeman said.

Maddie began making a name for herself in volleyball while at home in Indiana. Meanwhile, her older brothers were playing basketball at a boarding school in Asheville. She said she felt as if she missed out on a lot with her brothers 700 miles away, so she moved to the Triangle to be closer to them.

After four star-studded years at St. Mary's, she is going back to Indiana to play volleyball for the University of Notre Dame in South Bend.

“Definitely having Indiana tie back into some things has been a blessing honestly,” she said.

Maddie said she has always considered her self a Hoosier.

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