Duke University plays host to more than 500 hackers

More than 500 students from all over the Country are at
Duke University to compete in a 25 hour hackathon, hard at work to create the
next, Facebook, perhaps?

Some of the country’s most creative and brilliant minds are
there hacking away,  but not “hacking” in
the traditional sense.

Organizers Dennis LI and Ashley Qian said some will try
to create an iPhone or Android app tonight. They said most of these students
will not be hacking into someone’s computer or email but rather creating
something from scratch.

Charlie Molthtrope is a hacker from Orlando, Florida, and
a Duke Student. He said, “For example when I want to model a part on my
computer, I use a modeling software, and to zoom in and out I have to scroll my
mouse and to turn in my card I have to push a few buttons to make it turn. We’re
trying to use a new motion device to track hand movements to control a 3D
modeling software.”

Rickey Smith, a hacker from NC State said, “We’re making
a browser based strategy game like Farmville, the games that you play on
Facebook, trying to make a more strategic version of that.”

The intense concentration shown on all the faces of the
hackers shows their passion – schools that are rivals in sports here together
side by side, wanting to create something larger than life.

Part of the fun is trying to do this is 25 hours. Most students,
are staying awake with the help of caffeine and their passion.

The hackathon will go on until three Sunday afternoon. The
winner of the hackathon will get a $5,000 prize.

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