Holiday gift guide for all ages

Holiday shopping can be stressful for people who have to buy presents for multiple people. So whether you're shopping for your parents, siblings, children or significant other, here are some gift options if you're already out of ideas.

For the man in your life

Esquire Magazine has already put together its holiday guides this year. One is for the guy who needs some style. Some of the gifts they suggest include The Oxford Shirt by Uniqlo, a cashmere sweater, an everyday suit, and a watch. You can read Esquire's complete list here.

For the woman in your life

Macy's has unveiled its top gifts for women, with handbags at the top of most women's lists. Macy's also suggest giving that special lady jewelry, sweater, watch, perfume, shoes or hats and scarves.

For the kids in your life

Gaming consoles like Wii U Deluxe Playstation 4 and Xbox One are expected to be popular as well as video games. For younger children, be sure to check out Leap Frog's Learning LeapPad or Big Hugs Elmo. For younger girl, try a jewelry making kit. For teen girls, look for accessories like jewelry, handbags and scarves. Also consider beauty items like make-up and perfume.

One gift fits all

If you still can't decide on the right gift, here are some gift options that are great for anyone. Esquire suggests the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, digital camera or Boxee TV which allows you to have instant TV access to things like Netflix and Vudu, plus a $15-a-month cloud DVR service that let's you access recorded shows from anywhere.

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