UNC students on campus for Thanksgiving get free meal

UNC students on campus for Thanksgiving get free meal (Image 1)

Some local college students spent their Thanksgiving on campus this year, unable to travel home.

Some UNC students, however, were still able to eat a Thanksgiving meal – for free.

The Carolina Club at the George Watts Hill Alumni Center provided the buffet to students through donations by members for the first time.

Members of the club paid $25 per student and some families paid for up to 10 students. The Educational Foundation also sponsored 75 students in honor of its 75th anniversary.

Brian Gottfried, a UNC senior, said he is from Ohio and could not travel the eight or more hours home for Thanksgiving because he's playing in the marching band at this weekend's football game.

“Oh, I'm incredibly grateful. I think Thanksgiving is a great holiday to be able to share with a lot of people and being able to share it with the students and having the generosity to be able to do that in a time when a lot of people are off doing their own thing has been wonderful,” he said.

In all, 195 students from 30 different countries and a couple dozen states enjoyed the feast. They signed a tablecloth with their names and the cities or counties where they are from, which will be hung up at the Carolina Club.

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