Talking to our children about violence

It's been one year since the massacre at Sandy Hook. Duke Psychologist,
Dr. Robin Gurwitch, who focuses of child psychology and trauma, said violence is
a topic parents shouldn't avoid, but tackle head on. “For adults the hardest
thing is actually starting the conversation with their children. Kids are going
to talk about it. Children are going to talk about it and with social media,
it's going to be all over the place.”

She said for starters, parents can talk about how there are
many things being done to keep them safe.

She then said to think of ways to help children get involved
in the solution, such as helping out with fundraisers or sending letters to
victims, so that they're not just thinking about the trauma, but becoming an
active member of society.

“If they find a way where they can help others, even though
their hurting, even if they're distressed by it, they do better. They become
more resilient” said Dr. Gurwitch.

For more tips go to:

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