Pet X-rays show what dogs are really eating

For some of us, we treat our pet like a member of the family. But believe it or not, only 1 percent of American dog owners have pet insurance.

PetPartners, a Raleigh-based pet insurance company, has received more than a million dollars in claims from foreign body and toxin ingestions this year.

Here is a list of their most interesting ingestion claims:

10. Sticks/Concrete

9. Hairball

8. Dental Floss

7. Kitchen Towel

6. Raisins/Chocolate

5. Xylitol (found in sugarless gum
and candy)

4.  Hydroxycut (diet pill)

3.  Corn Cob

2.  Turkey Skewer

1.  Marijuana

Check out the photos above and see if you can guess what these dogs swallowed.

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