Autopsy: Durham officer shot Derek Walker in chest


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DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – An autopsy released Monday shows a Durham Police officer shot Derek Walker in the left chest after Walker brandished a gun in downtown Durham Sept. 17.

The autopsy shows the bullet entered his right breast and exited just above his armpit in his back.

Durham Police negotiated with him for about an hour when he pointed the gun at officers, which prompted an officer to fire at him.

Walker, 26, died shortly after being transported to an area hospital.

The officer who shot Walker was placed on administrative leave. A Durham Police spokeswoman said Jan. 30 that the officer was back on active duty.

It was one of several high-profile incidents in the Durham community that raised questions about police conduct. The family of Jesus Huerta, who appeared to have shot himself while in police custody, is also upset with the force.

The shooting of Walker played out at the iconic bull statue in downtown Durham on an afternoon when many workers in the area were stunned to see so many police cars just one day after the Washington Navy Yard shootings.

Just a day prior to going to the streets, Walker had taken to his Facebook page saying, “Don’t call me and don’t talk to me because I’m not responding. I hope I die very soon and a fast death because this world I live in is sorry.”

In the post, Walker, who worked at Hanes Funeral Home, painted a bleak picture of a man who had lost custody of his son following a bitter custody battle.

“I can’t take [what] my son’s mother is putting me through,” Walker wrote. “She has filled [my son’s] head up with so much false stuff. He has told me I’m a bad father, I’m not a good dad.”

Latasha Alston, the mother of his son, told WNCN that she was shocked by what happened and never expected that from Walker.

WNCN obtained court records that show a long history of court involvement in the care of their son, dating back to only months after he was born in the fall of 2007.

Dozens of mourners poured into Fisher Memorial United Holy Church in Durham for Walker’s funeral.

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