Panther Creek senior’s glass-shattering dunk was his first

Panther Creek senior's glass-shattering dunk was his first (Image 1)

Nubian Spann's backboard-shattering dunk in Friday's game
against Apex had the school scrambling for a replacement goal, and the Panther
Creek senior's name splattered all over ESPN.

But while thousands have viewed the spectacular dunk online,
believe it or not, the dunk was Spann's first ever in game competition.

“I knew I was going to get a dunk my senior year, I
prayed it would happen,” Spann said. “I didn't know it was going to be like

While the response has been overwhelming, the initial dunk
caught Spann off guard as well.

“I just kind of held on for a second and out of nowhere
it just broke,” Spann recalled. “Everyone in the crowd and my friends got me up
and then I looked over and saw the glass broke and I was like, 'Wow this really

No one could have predicted the response his dunk would
get, and Spann isn't the only player in the spolight for it. Juan Munoz threw the pass that led
to Spann's highlight, and now he too is now somewhat of a celebrity.

“My phone hasn't stopped vibrating since the dunk,”
Munoz said. “I've been getting texts from family, friends, people I don't even

So what do Spann and Munoz have in store for an encore?

“I guess just try to get the win on Thursday,”
Munoz said.

Both players know their 15 minutes of fame are about to come
to an end, yet Spann is hoping this once-in-a-lifetime moment is just the
beginning of things to come.

“I look forward to doing more,” Spann said. “I just
hope I don't break another backboard.”

Spann gave the brand new glass at his high school a test
drive just hours after it was installed.

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