8-year-old Raleigh girl is a cyclocross national champion

An 8-year-old Raleigh girl is picking off boys in cyclocross
competitions on her way to being a national champion.

Alison McKeithan just returned from winning the 9- to
10-year-old cyclocross division title in Colorado.

“I'm not really sure but I think they'd be pretty mad to get
beat by a girl,” Alison McKeithan said.

And the boys should be mad, it's a tall task for Alison McKeithan
to catch them.

“I knew the boys were going to start a minute ahead of her,
so you try to keep her motivated especially if she gets an early lead to give
her something else to chase,” said Alison McKeithan's dad, Paul McKeithan.

Both Alison and Paul McKeithan were surprised by her first

“I thought it was really cool when I first went there, I
never expected to come home with the first,” Alison McKeithan said.

Paul McKeithan said she was one of the youngest competitors
in the race.

But now the others are trying to play catch-up to Alison.

“Standing on the first place podium with all the big crowd
of people was really amazing,” she said.   

Paul McKeithan gave her daughter a little extra motivation by paying her $5 for every bot she passed.

“I think I got 35 dollars,” Alison McKeithan said.

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