Phil Fills In: Filling potholes in Durham

The snow and ice may be gone in most
parts of North Carolina, but the potholes that result from the weather now need
to be fixed.

So in our latest “Phil Fills In”
segment we took a trip to Durham to work with the Department of Public Works.

Phil and his photographer met with the Department of Public Works on Martin Luther King Parkway in Durham, a very busy stretch of roadway.

The first thing Phil had to do was cut a square
around the pothole using a jackhammer.

Phil had never used one before and quickly realized
how heavy and difficult it is to operate.

Once the square was cut, they had to line the
square with a substance that will help the asphalt stick.

There was a slight problem with that because it
was frozen, but after a little while they were able to spread the substance.

Finally it was asphalt time. Phil helped spread
the hot asphalt and even it out.

It wasn't pretty, but one of the potholes on
MLK Parkway is now filled.

There are only thousands more to go.

If you're in Durham and would like to report a
pothole call 919-560-1177.

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