New HQ Raleigh building offers twice the space for startups

Raleigh is a thriving city for entrepreneurs, and now smallstartups will be able to develop their big ideas in a bigger space.

HQ Raleigh held its grand opening Monday in its new locationin downtown Raleigh’s warehouse district. It offers affordable space andresources for start-up companies.

The new building is double in size, with 22 office suitesinstead of six and eight conference rooms to host events.

One of HQ Raleigh’s biggest success stories, Justin Miller’sWedPics, was recently name the best photo and video sharing app for weddings

“It’s a really nice environment to start. It is really conducivefor us being here at lot together, which always helps really fuel the creativityand the execution of the platform,” Miller said. “I’m really excited about whatis going to happen.”

Miller said his company has doubled its business since July2013.


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