Univ. of Memphis Cheerleaders talk about safety

  • Throughout March (National Cheerleading Safety Month), Varsity and CheerSafe are encouraging cheerleaders to log on to cheersafe.org to take the iCheerSafe pledge and tweet “Safety Selfies with the hashtag #iCheerSafe
  • To learn more about Varsity’s commitment to cheerleading safety, please visit www.wearevarsity.com/safety. To learn more about CheerSafe and the iCheerSafe pledge, please visit www.cheersafe.org. Updates and important safety tips can also be found on the iCheerSafe Facebook (Facebook.com/icheersafe) and Twitter (@CheerSafe) throughout the month of March.
  • Annually, more than 350,000 Varsity campers take a Safety Awareness class during summer camps to receive safety certifications.
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