Carrboro family says school system working on meeting with bully’s family

Carrboro family says school system working on meeting with bully's family (Image 1)

A Carrboro family said Thursday that a member of the central office for Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools has contacted the family about an issue with their children.

The family told WNCN on Wednesday they are pressing charges against an elementary school student after their two kids have been bullied by another student for months.

The students go to Frank Porter Graham Elementary in Chapel Hill.

The family says after months of complaints. the principal agreed to an investigation and to sit them down with the other child’s parent. But when that did not happen, they decided to turn to police.

“That’s why we were waiting and hoping that the school will take some kind of position in this and put a stop to it because we understand this is no ideal for the other family to have criminal charges against their son and their future, but we’re left with no options right now,” said Alvona Bogdanova, the mother.

She called it a “complete disregard from school” and the family was “left on our own from this point.”

But the father said Thursday that a school official has now contacted them about setting up a meeting with the other child’s family. That meeting is expected to be May 12.

The school system has said the situation is more complex than it seems.

The family said the principal told them it was two-sided and did not meet the definition of bullying.

The father said that investigators with the school system spoke to his son about the reported bullying and have begun an investigation into the situation.

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